Amanda Boyce

Amanda Boyce experienced a multicultural childhood growing up in England, Korea, Taiwan, and the Philippines.  She started her elementary education at the International School in Manila and then in 1984, Amanda relocated to the Bay Area to attend middle and high school in Cupertino.  She completed her undergraduate work at UCLA and was fortunate to spend a year studying abroad at the University of Sussex in England.  She completed her teaching credential and MA in Elementary Education at San Jose State University.

Amanda began teaching in 1998 and taught Kindergarten, 1st grade, 2nd grade (Spanish immersion), and 6th grade.  Throughout her early years teaching, she also worked as an educational consultant for Houghton Mifflin Company, training districts on reading /writing theory and practice during the summer months.  Amanda joined the Cupertino Union School District in 2005 and held a variety of leadership positions.  She spent four years at the district office as a Teacher on Special Assignment supporting English Language Arts and the New Teacher Mentoring Program (BTSA).  She spent two years as a Title One Intervention Teacher at Sedgwick School and became focused on integrating instructional technology to motivate struggling students and track their progress.  Before becoming a full-time administrator, Amanda served as summer school principal for 360 Kindergarten- 8th grade special education students and learned about various resources, supports and programs to support students with Individualized Education Plans (IEP’s).  In 2011, she joined the Stocklmeir staff and served one year as Assistant Principal and two years as Principal.

Amanda considers herself a life-long learner and enjoys attending conferences, engaging in discussions about education and applying new learning to practice. Her experiences in education over the past sixteen years have prepared her for the diverse responsibilities of a Principal.  Furthermore, as the parent of two young children, Amanda values the collaborative relationship between parents, students, and staff to provide the best learning opportunities for children.

Amanda enjoys spending time with her two daughters, husband, and extended family that live nearby.  Her daughters bring so much joy to her life as they are unique, spirited, curious, and kind.  During her free time, Amanda enjoys traveling, biking, hiking, standup paddleboarding, and yoga.

Amanda is very excited to join the Addison community and looks forward to working closely with students, family, and staff to support the academic and social /emotional growth of each child. 

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