Principal's Message, 5/27/18: Dear Addison Families,

Monday, May 28, 2018 - 5:51pm

There is excitement, anticipation, and a little uncertainty felt around campus as we enter the last week of school. This has been a particularly challenging year for me but with each challenge comes growth and appreciation for how we always come together as a community.  As I reflect on 2017-18, I am particularly proud of how we supported the social/ emotional needs of our students and families as we worked through the loss of one of our students.  I am also grateful for the guidance and partnership we developed with KARA and our District Mental Health Team. Some other positive changes this year include expanding our counseling program to five days per week, implementing a new math program, experiencing hands-on science through the Living Classroom program, and starting a new tradition... 5th Grade Science Camp.

However, the best reflection of the year is thinking about the interactions, growth, and joy that I experience in the classrooms every day.  During these past couple weeks, I was fortunate to spend two days with other Principals for the Day as a result of our Addison Auction (see pictures below!). I took great satisfaction in explaining to them the various roles and responsibilities associated with the position and the possibility of positive impact associated with each decision.  On both days, we visited all twenty classrooms, observed the lessons, and left notes for the teachers. We saw creative scientists and artists, fluent readers and writers, focused mathematicians and problem-solvers, harmonic singers, cooperative athletes, and parents volunteering their time to share their talents in the classroom. The tremendous pride I felt on those two days reminded me why I am a Principal and how fortunate I am to work in such a committed and supportive community.

So as we look ahead to summer, I will miss my "second family" at Addison but also look forward to spending quality time with my husband and kids. Next year the adventure will continue with our modernization project and I'm very excited about finally working towards the dream school we envisioned through our various committee meetings.  I wish you all a happy, healthy, and safe summer break and look forward to seeing you again in August!

Amanda Boyce
Addison Principal

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