Principal's Message, 4/23/2017

Sunday, April 23, 2017 - 10:18pm

Dear Addison Families, Last week was busy and exciting for me as I was able to join our 4th graders in Coloma on Wednesday night and Thursday and learn a lot about the gold rush! Despite the rain, the students had a great experience and seemed to return with a little more confidence and maturity after being away from home for two nights. A very special thanks to Ann Stakeberg who stepped in as a last minute chaperone! Thank you also to our 4th grade teaching team who volunteered their time to plan and attend this three-day field trip.

All PAUSD schools have been asked to conduct a Code Red Drill this spring so Addison will have their drill on Monday, 4/24 @ 1:30pm. The drill should last approximately 30 minutes. This type of drill is to practice site procedures in response to an imminent danger to staff and students on campus. During our drill, the Palo Alto Police Department and district representatives will be on campus to observe and give feedback on their observations. Parents will not be allowed to pick up their children during this time so if there are appointments, please plan to pick up your children early. 

The Palo Alto Police Department trained the Addison staff on the procedures at last week's staff meeting. We discussed the appropriate student communication and responses regarding this drill. The information we provide to a Kindergarten student will be different than a 5th grader. Although the threat of an imminent danger on campus is very small, it is a good idea for staff to practice these procedures in order to ensure student safety in any scenario.

I hope you'll be able to join me at the Inquiry Fair next Wednesday, from 5-7pm see the student thinking process and projects. The projects were optional for grades K-3 and required for grades 4-5. Unless your child's teacher has communicated that they will have an Open House and prefer for projects to come to the classrooms, please ask your children to drop off their projects on Wednesday at
the locations below:

K-2- Library (library will be closed next Wed. until the Inquiry Fair)
3-5 MP Room

If your child is in K-2, please plan to pickup their project in the library at the end of the Inquiry Fair at 7pm on Wednesday or before school on Thursday. We need to re-open the library on Thursday morning. The 3-5 teachers will walk their students to the MP Rom on Friday afternoon to pick up their projects.
In the spirit of inquiry, check out this article with tips to nurture your child's curiosity: 

Also, next Wednesday 4/26 is Secretaries Day so feel free to have your child make a card for Joy or Nancy as Addison would not run as smoothly as it does without their tremendous support!
Finally, this past week the 2017-18 School year calendar was Board approved:  

Please note changes especially during Thanksgiving week.

Amanda Boyce
Addison Principal

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