Principal's Message, 4/21/2019

Monday, April 29, 2019 - 6:33pm

Dear Addison Families,

It's a very busy and exciting time of year. Our 3rd-5thgrade classes are now taking the CAASPP assessments and all classes have administered the end of year writing assessment.  Our teachers collaborated with the Walter Hays teachers this past Wednesday to calibrate and score student papers. When reviewing some of the writing, I'm always impressed by our student's expression, voice, and volume of writing.  

We also had a Site Council meeting on Wednesday.  At each meeting, our Construction Manager presents an update on construction and asks for input on upcoming work.  After reviewing many samples, our Council has agreed on the color of pavers for our Courtyard (to be upgraded this summer) and slate accent pieces for our new buildings.  Feel free to stop in the office anytime if you'd like to see materials.

The Paly Robotics Team visited Addison last week. They presented a variety of robots that served different functions and students had the opportunity to control their movements.  The timing was exciting as students finished their projects for the Inquiry Fair. Thank you to all the students that participated in the Inquiry Fair this past week.  Once again there were varied questions and projects presented. Some students worked on individual projects and others worked on group projects. Most importantly, students learned about the scientific method.  

As we look ahead to end of the year events, I hope you will save the date, May 4th, for the Annual May Fete parade.  This year's theme celebrates the 125th year of the parade and Addison has a long history of participating. Our PTA May Fete Parade volunteer, Dave Vinokur, plans to invite students to help build the float the week of April 29th.  Then on Saturday, May 4th, all Addison families are invited to walk with the float in the parade.  A Konstella message will be sent out with a meeting time and location once determined.

We will be offering Earth Day activities this upcoming week as we encourage students to build awareness and care for our environment.  If you'd like to extend the learning at home, check out 10 Earth Day Activities for Families. Thank you for your efforts to consider how we can teach our children to care for our planet.

Amanda Boyce

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