Principal's Message, 3/27/2016

Thursday, March 31, 2016 - 1:12pm

Dear families,

On Monday, the Addison Remodel Advisory Committee met to begin discussing phase two of the project, completing the schematic design.  I want to thank the four parent representatives, Kelli Tomlinson, Kisa Young, Lesley Phillips, and Jill Asher (future parent) for joining the committee along with staff and students.  Next week, staff members are invited to attend the Focus Group meetings to have discussions regarding the specific spaces on campus that will be remodeled.  As the schematic designs progress, an evening community meeting will be held in May to share with the greater community and take feedback.

Part of this process includes site visits of other remodeled schools.  Carol Miller (1st Grade), Cindy Ando (4th Grade Teacher) and I visited the Cove School in the Larkspur- Corte Madera School District on Tuesday.  We were inspired by the flexible furniture and "learning suites"; two classrooms with a retractable door that allowed co-teaching between both rooms.  The Cove School was the eighth school our team has visited so we've gained valuable information and taken many photos to influence our project. 

This past Wednesday, students in K-5 attended a fun, light-hearted play called Oskar and the Countless Costume Changes.  The play called for critical thinking skills and well as deconstruction of ideas which promotes valuable teaching and learning opportunities. The play offered an opportunity for students to consider stereotypical ideas about boys and girls such as "kung fu is only for boys".  The teachers reported that their pre and post show conversations were thoughtful and focused on inclusivity.

Next week we will enjoy four days of school together and then our first day of Spring Break begins on Friday, April 1st.  I hope you enjoy this beautiful weather during our time off and I'll look forward to seeing the students again on Monday, April 11th! 

Amanda Boyce
Addison Principal 

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