Principal's Message, 12/04/2016

Sunday, December 4, 2016 - 6:29pm

Dear Addison Families, whether you stayed near or traveled far, I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving Break and were able to connect with loved ones. We spent the week busily packing and preparing for our move to Palo Alto. I was once again touched by the incredible support of our Addison community as many of you offered to watch our girls during the move! We look forward to living closer to school and having more opportunities to connect with the community. So as we say farewell to Half Moon Bay, I wanted to share a photo of my eldest daughter and me taking a sunset walk on the Coastal Trail on the last day of packing:

This past week, we had a great time at Family Math Night as it was the culminating event after two Math Parent Education Nights. Parents often ask teachers how to support their kids at home so please see this short list from Jo Boaler highlighting (6) Ways to Support your Child's Mathematical Development:

I also want to thank the families for your patience and understanding as teachers spent a day this past week participating in math professional development. Our K-1 teachers participated in a lesson study and had the opportunity to plan, observe, and debrief a 1st grade math lesson in Mrs. Miller's room. The observations and conversations were rich and it was wonderful to see strong collaboration amongst the teams. Our 2nd -5th grade teachers spent another day with Patty Swanson, Professor in the Department of Education at San Jose State University where she teaches mathematics, discussing strategies for teaching story problems, division, fraction, and other important math topics. I couldn't count the number of times I heard from teachers, "this is so wonderful; I learned so much!". Our teachers are very enthusiastic about teaching math and stretching concepts for all learners.

Another exciting highlight this past week is that Kindergarteners were given the choice to play outside at lunch on the big playground. On the first day, ALL Kinders took advantage of this opportunity and loved exploring the larger playground! They continued to play with older students throughout the week and have integrated well with the 1st -5th graders. They are certainly growing up quickly!
Amanda Boyce
Addison Principal 


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