Principal's Message, 1/17/2016

Thursday, January 21, 2016 - 10:59pm

Dear Addison Families,

Since returning to school on January 4th, I've heard a number of concerns regarding traffic safety at drop-off.  This is most likely due to the fact that we've had and will continue to have more students dropped off by car on rainy days.  On Friday morning, I went outside to observe and would like to remind families of the following traffic rules:

Addison Avenue:

The side of the street fronting the school is a bike lane.  Parking and waiting is prohibited.  There is a drop off zone past the red curb but parents must remain in the car.
There is no stopping in front of the red curb.  This is used as a bus drop off zone and an entrance for bicyclists. Please use the crosswalks at Addison/Webster and Addison/Middlefield.

Middlefield Road:

Please do not park in either the bus stop zone near Addison Avenue (which blocks the crossing guard's vision and visibility), or in the mid-block Fire Lane entrance.

Lincoln Avenue: 

Please do not park in the red-curb zones, or across the mid-block crosswalk at Byron.

Webster Street: 

Please avoid using the Webster side parking lot for parking or drop-off/pick-up, or making turns (full circle or 3-point).  The lot is too small and poorly situated to safely accommodate drop-off and pick-up.  Parking is for staff only (except the auction-winner parking space).

Even if it is predicted to rain, families can still choose safe, environmentally friendly transportation alternatives. Forecasted rain in the Bay Area usually lasts only for a short while, leaving school commute times sunny and dry. If the weather is clear in the morning, students can set out on foot or on bikes. If the weather is particularly bad in the afternoon, parents still can opt to pick up then.

Rainy day walks to school are a fun adventure and learning experience for young children. On your way, point out how the world changes in the rain.  Enjoy the sounds, smells and sights that come with these natural changes.  Gear up to enjoy a little puddle jumping on the way.  Dressing children in brightly colored umbrellas, boots, ponchos and/or raincoats insures they will be comfortable and safely visible in inclement weather.

For more information regarding traffic safety at Addison, please see:

Amanda Boyce 
Addison Principal

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