Principal's Message 1/12/20

Thursday, January 16, 2020 - 11:37am

Our return from Winter Break proved to be a very exciting week! I spent most of the week assessing the new building and planning next steps along with our construction team and district personnel. Happily, I found time at the end of the week to visit all the classrooms and observe the joy, curiosity, and wonder of our students as they transitioned back to school and resumed learning.

Overall, the staff and students had very positive feedback regarding the new building, but we are not yet finished. There are still many projects ahead including finishing the floor throughout the main entrance (summer 2020), decorating the walls, creating a “rock garden” under the spiral staircase, adding shades to many of the windows, installing shorter bookcases in the reading nook at the top of the stairs, etc. Additionally, the inspector signed off on the elevator last week but there is a hold-up on paperwork so we hope it will be operational next week. Students have been informed that the elevator will only be used by individuals who cannot use the stairs due to mobility issues and to transport the library book carts. While I was initially nervous about moving into an unfinished building, I am now grateful as we can more clearly assess the work ahead. Also, I am working closely with staff regarding new routines and procedures to access and use the new buildings. It is a work in progress but well worth the effort. I hope you’ll have the chance to come by soon if you haven’t already seen the new spaces!

You may have also noticed the addition of two more portable bathrooms on the field, bringing us to a total of five. After assessing the functionality of the release handle, I informed staff that only 3rd-5th graders will use them for now while 1st-2nd will continue to use the courtyard bathrooms (Kinder students have their own bathrooms). They are actually quite nice with the ability to flush, carpeted floor, a sink, soap dispenser, and appropriate paper goods. We still have student restrooms in the center courtyard but not an adequate number for the entire student population. New, permanent student bathrooms are being built in our old administrative/ library building.
This coming week will also be very busy. Our 5th graders will be leaving for Science Camp on Monday morning and returning on Wednesday. There is a Health Connected puberty curriculum preview at Walter Hays Elementary School on Monday at 6:30pm. The puberty curriculum itself will be taught in May to 5th graders but parents of any aged children are welcome to hear more about the program tomorrow night. Also, 5th grade parents are invited to Greene Middle School on Wednesday night at 6pm to learn more about the school, transitions, and programs.
On Tuesday, we have our general and executive PTA Meeting at 8:20am in the Library Flex Room on the second floor of the new building. Site Council will meet in this same space on Wednesday at 3pm. We will be discussing our School Safety Plan and updates/next steps in our construction project.

Finally, I will be hosting a Principal’s Coffee on Friday at 8:20am in the Library Flex Room. This will be an open event instead of a presentation as I’d rather spend the time informally connecting with families and responding to your questions and topics. I hope you’ll be able to join me as we consider and discuss what’s ahead in 2020!

Amanda Boyce

Addison News