Principal's Message, 11/13/2016

Sunday, November 13, 2016 - 11:05pm

Dear Addison Families, Since Tuesday's election, I've been immersed in thought and dialogue with various students, parents, and staff about the future of our country. I emailed our teachers late Tuesday night with excerpts from the Huffington Post, "What Do We Tell the Children?", and many teachers responded with gratitude as they faced questions and fears from their students on Wednesday morning. At SSC this past Thursday, we also discussed the school's role during these uncertain times so I'd like to thank our Chair, Greg Wolff, for helping me clearly articulate the following sentiments.

Public education is one of the foundations of democracy in America.  At Addison we work hard to foster civic mindedness and create a culture of respect and dialogue, especially when we disagree.  For many of our students, this presidential election created an opportunity for them to learn about national politics for the first time and that we are part of a large and diverse nation.  Through classroom activities and informal conversations, the staff and I try to reinforce president Obama's message that the election was an intramural scrimmage and that we're all on the same team.  

We are fortunate to live in a strong and vibrant community.  Whatever your feelings about the outcome of the election or the anger and frustration visible in the media, now is an excellent time to make sure that all our children and families know that school is a safe and secure place where our highest values include freedom of speech and freedom of belief.  On Friday, we celebrated the lives of the men and women who have served our country to defend these values and protect even those with whom they disagree. The staff is committed to continuing these conversations as needed to reassure your children that they have a voice and they will be kept safe.

Last week also marked the end of our first trimester!  Your child(ren)'s progress report will be available for you to view through our district's student records system, Infinite Campus, on Friday November 18 @ 4pm.

The directions for accessing your child's progress report are outlined below:

1. Please log into the PAUSD Infinite Campus Portal (as you would when it time for the Annual Data Update).  You can get to this portal at 

2. Sign in to Infinite Campus

3. Look for the message titled "Elementary Progress Report" and click on it.

4. A window will come up showing the student's name (just as in the portal), and will have a list of your children who are in elementary schools that have released the progress report to the portal.  You will have a choice of English or Spanish.

5. Once you have chosen the student and language, you should click "Generate Report".  A PDF document will be generated.
Please contact if you have forgotten your password.  If the report doesn't show, make sure your computer allows pop-ups.

I also wanted to inform the community about a change that has taken place with our PAUSD bus. The bus will continue to drop off students on Addison Avenue before school but the bus is now picking up students on Lincoln Avenue (close to the Middlefield gate) after school around 2:50pm. We have put up bus signs near the pick up so please do not park between the signs and cones after 2:30pm.

Since this will be the last Principal's Message before our Thanksgiving Break, I wanted to wish everyone a wonderful holiday. There are so many things that I feel grateful for including the connections I've made at Addison School. Thanks to the dedicated and collaborative staff and community, I enjoy coming to Addison each day and feel ready to celebrate the successes and address the challenges that come with being a site Principal. On a personal note, I am excited to share that our family has decided to move to Palo Alto and will be making this transition on Dec. 3. We will be living a couple blocks from Duveneck School and therefore very close to Addison!

Amanda Boyce
Addison Principa

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