Principal's Message, 11/1/2015

Thursday, November 12, 2015 - 8:40am

During these past two weeks, I have been very grateful for the partnerships at Addison School.  Our PTA, staff and students worked closely together to celebrate Unity Day on 10/21.  Through literature, class discussions, and art projects, students committed to kindness, acceptance, and being an "upstander" against bullying. Dr. Mc Gee visited our campus and commented on the strong community connectedness present at Addison.

It was also wonderful to see so many of you at our Halloween activities and parade!  Thanks to the PTA reps and 5th graders who helped decorate the MP room and host the Halloween breakfast!

Besides the strong community partnerships present at Addison, I want to highlight the work of our four new Teachers on Special Assignment (TOSA) working at Addison this year.  Teri Baldwin, Technology TOSA, has been working with teachers and to offer technology integration ideas that align with our new Common Core State Standards.  She also facilitates our technology team meetings and makes sure that the software licenses and passwords are updated for all students.  Carolyn Jones is our new Intervention TOSA and she was an integral part of planning and executing our after school intervention program, Addison Academy.  She works very closely with the classroom teachers to differentiate for student needs and models strategies to support all learners.

This year, we are also partnering with Arcia Dorosti, Literacy TOSA, to assist with the implementation of our new reading curriculum.  This year, he has modeled both Reader's and Writer's Workshop in most of our classrooms and is working with teachers on the various instructional components within the workshop model.  Finally, we are very fortunate to work with Mangla Oza, Math TOSA, who kicked off the year modeling "Math Talks" in every classroom so students could think critically about numbers and experience the (8) standards for mathematical practice. She has also worked closely with the staff on identifying essential math content standards and creating common formative assessments to guide student learning.

The partnerships, resources, and work ethic is extraordinary at Addison.  I have worked in three different public school districts over the past eighteen years and the student experiences and opportunities at Addison School are truly unique!

Amanda Boyce

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