Principal's Message 10/27/19

Monday, October 28, 2019 - 2:07pm

We’ve had an exciting week celebrating Unity Day and practicing our Disaster Drill procedures.  In preparation for Unity Day, I told the students at our school-wide Monday assembly that what I love about Addison is our differences.  Some students have strengths in math, reading, soccer and others have strengths in patience, reflection, and being a good listener.  We acknowledged that what we all have in common is being part of the Addison community and working on kindness, inclusion, and appreciating our differences.
On Unity Day, all the students participated in a school-wide activity either drawing or writing what it means to be kind and/or inclusive.  We hung the school-wide chain on the Kindergarten fence near the corner of Addison and Webster.  Hopefully you’ve had the chance to read some of the student’s thoughts.

Our Disaster Drill went well on Thursday. The students were patient and cooperative as we evacuated the building and formed our emergency teams to practice procedures.  As a reminder, if we had a large earthquake and had to evacuate the buildings, all students would need to be picked up at the gate near the corner of Middlefield/ Lincoln.

I hope you can join us this Thursday for our annual Halloween Parade!  On Oct 31, please come to our annual Halloween Breakfast from 7:45-8:15am near the field and play structure.  At approximately 8:30am, the Halloween Parade will begin at room 15.  The 5th graders will lead the parade as we make our way to the Kindergarten classes.  After picking up our last class from room 3, all students will walk out to the field for performances and a costume showcase.  There will be a parent viewing area identified with signs and cones on the field so please stay in that area to view the event.  Please keep the hallways and path to the field along the green fence open.  Remind your child to leave toy weapons and fake blood at home so that all students feel safe on this day.  Finally, if your child does not want to participate in the Halloween activities, please email me ASAP as we have made special arrangements for non-participation.  Thank you for your cooperation and we look forward to seeing you next week!
Amanda Boyce


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