Principal's Message, 10/01/2018

Tuesday, October 2, 2018 - 1:35pm

Dear Addison Families,

We had an exciting week with the 3rd Grade Bike Rodeo, Book Fair, and Hoedown!  Our 3rd grade Bike Rodeo was held across the street from Addison at 980 Middlefield. I was grateful for the space and many parent volunteers (pictured below). Even though our Book Fair was limited in scale, it was well attended. All proceeds go back to the classroom in the form of Books Inc. gift cards so teachers can purchase additional classroom books.  Finally, we had a festive time at the Hoedown eating, dancing, and showing our school spirit- special thanks to Ana Picazo and our PTA Reps for dedicating your time and energy to all the events this past week.  

Also, you probably noticed that the new AKC portables were delivered last weekend.  Questions have arisen regarding why the foundation under the new AKC appears so high. The elevation of the portables and the new two-story building is being raised approximately two to three feet, to make them level with the elevation of the current Administration Building and thus more accessible to individuals with disabilities.  Excavating and lowering their elevation would have made them less accessible, requiring more ramps and handrails on the site between the new and existing buildings.  The foundation that the new AKC building is sitting on will actually be level with the rest of the campus once construction is completed. While the height difference is distinct now with just the portables being set, it should be diminished once the new building and surrounding areas are raised.  Also, we plan to "beautify" the portables either with paint, wood paneling, and/or landscaping. We will be discussing upgrades at our next Site Council Meeting on October 17.

This week is Walk and Roll Week!  Classes are competing for the coveted "Golden Sneaker Award." The winner is the class with the most students who come to school by carpooling or by mode of transportation other than car.  Even if your child is dropped off a few blocks from campus, it allows him/her to get a little bit of exercise and cut down on traffic. It also helps build community to encourage your child(ren) to walk or bike with a friend.

On Friday, we have NO SCHOOL due to a staff development day.  In the morning, the Addison Staff will delve deeper in to our phonics instruction (K-2), math assessments (3-5) and intervention.  In the afternoon, we'll join other elementary sites to learn more about our new social studies program. We hope you enjoy your long weekend with your kids!

Amanda Boyce
Addison Principal

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