Principals Message, 05/22/2016

Sunday, June 5, 2016 - 4:12pm

Dear Addison Families,
We are down to our second to last newsletter for the 2016-17 school year.  I want to thank our PTA President, Shirin Arnold, for partnering with me this year to keep the community updated on Addison events.  We will be working together next week to co-write our last message.
It has certainly been a busy time these past couple weeks.   On Wednesday, students participated in Bump It Up Day where they had the opportunity to visit a classroom and teacher in the next grade level to learn about that grade level and ask questions.  We feel it helps with the transition as some students feel anxious about change this time of year.  On Wednesday afternoon, we had our incoming Kindergarten Information Meeting to welcome many new families and share the highlights of Kindergarten.  At next Tuesday's Board Meeting, our Superintendent will make a proposal regarding extending the instructional minutes in Kindergarten so we may have a new Kindergarten schedule next year.  Finally, our 5th grade students dazzled us with their talents including music, skits, and even a unicycle at the 5th grade Talent Show!  It was a great performance and "kickoff" celebration as the students and staff begin to recognize the accomplishments of our outgoing 5th grade class.
I also wanted to share how proud I am of our teaching staff and their work to analyze our math instruction these past couple weeks through our Professional Learning Communities (PLCs).  Each grade level team was released for a half day to reflect on their math instruction, pacing, and assessments and then shared this information with the grade level above.  These vertical cross-grade level conversations allowed teams to analyze if there are any instructional gaps and which standards need more attention as students move to the next grade levels.  The conversations were rich and collaborative and I appreciate their team work in order to support all students.
This week, two of our veteran teachers and long time Addison community members, Jan Nash-Arrigo (Kindergarten) and Leslie White (Reading Specialist), will be honored at our Monday Assembly on 5/23 and Retirement Celebration on 5/26.  They both began as parents at Addison and eventually pursued their teaching credentials.  Ms. Nash-Arrigo has been teaching at Addison since 2003 and Ms. White since 2005.  They each have brought their respective passions to Addison including the arts, science, and a commitment to making sure every child is a reader and for that we will be forever grateful.  Happily, these two ladies will now have more time for traveling, writing, family, and enjoying nature during retirement.  They also reassured me that they are only a few short blocks away if we need to call on them for supportJ
Thank you to Peter Phillips, Irene Wong, and Nishita Kothary who will be joining Greg Wolf as our parent School Site Council representatives during the 2016-17 school year!  I appreciate your time and dedication to our school and our partnership throughout planning for the remodel.  As a final reminder, I hope to see many of you at our Addison Remodel Community Input event on Thursday, 5/26.  Let's celebrate all the hard work of the many individuals who helped design transformative learning spaces for students!
Amanda Boyce

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