Heart Healthy Activities for February

Thursday, February 4, 2016 - 10:25am

February is American Heart Month, and we have a lot of fun and exciting activities to get students' hearts pumping over the next 4 weeks! Here's an overview of what to expect:

February 10: Jump Rope 4 Heart 
Students will jump rope, play hopscotch, and skip with their buddies to raise funds for the American Heart Association -- and getting some exercise while doing so! Go to www.heart.org/jump to sign your child up, have her decide how many jumps she should aim for, and decide on an amount to sponsor her for. This annual event is organized by the Addison School Council.  

February 16-18: Hoops Challenge
Calling all hoopsters and Stephen Curry fans -- it's your time to shine! Earn 1 bead for every basket you make! Everyone gets 5 tries per day.  

February 22-24: Hula Hoops Challenge
Feel the rhythm, feel the rhyme, come on up, it's hula hooping time! We'll have high energy music as students challenge themselves to keep those hula hoops turning. The more hoops you can complete, the more beads you can earn.

February 25-26: Cardiac Caper Fun Run
Addison monthly fun run returns with pink, red, and white heart beads. Students can earn 1 heart bead for every 4 laps they complete. 

February 29-March 1: Keep It Up Challenge
Get ready for Addison World Cup by practicing your juggling skills! How many times can you kick a soccer ball without letting it fall to the ground? The more times you can keep it up, the more beads you can earn!

March 2-3: Kendama Challenge
Kendama is all the rage at Addison! Can you get that wooden ball to land on the small cup, big cup, or spike? The more times you can land the ball successfully, the more beads you can earn. Please bring your own kendama or borrow from a friend.

More details about each event will be posted on the Student Activities Board, at the lunch table area.

We hope to see everyone out on the blacktop at lunchtime -- whether you choose to join the special activities or play with your friends, we hope you all stay active and get those hearts pumping!

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