February Life Skill: Resourcefulness

Sunday, February 7, 2016 - 11:21pm

Resourcefulness: To meet challenges and opportunities in creative ways

Ways we are resourceful at Addison-

We try to find creative solutions to problems on our own before seeking 
adult assistance  


We see a classmate being bothered by other students.  Before getting a yard duty to intervene, we try to help the classmate by removing them 
from the situation. We take them by the arm and say, "Hey, let's go have fun in the Imagination Garden." Thus leaving the students who are doing the bothering behind.

 You drop your backpack in a huge puddle!  You ask your teacher, friends, or the office staff if they have a bag you can borrow to get your things home, or you turn your coat into a holder by putting everything into the middle of it and tying the sleeves together!

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