Construction Update: September 5, 2018

Wednesday, September 12, 2018 - 1:14pm


The Contractor has completed installation of reinforcing steel and installing batter boards and edge forms for the foundations. They will set column bolt templates  this week and plan to pour the footings soon.

We will send out a confirmation of the pour date when it is finalized. Note that on this date, there will be concrete trucks coming to the site every 20 to 30 minutes, and there will be a pump truck set up on the site to pour the concrete. There will be some increased traffic on Webster that day, but the trucks will enter/exit and stage on the site, with minimal back up alarms. Other construction noise will be moderate during the pour with the increased number of workers needed for the pour.

The schedule for the AKC portables manufacturing is unchanged this week. The portables are scheduled to be delivered on September 22, and they will take the remainder of the following week to assemble the portables and install ramps and skirting around the perimeter.  There will be 6 trucks delivering the portables that day, and they will drop them off using the field gate access off Lincoln Ave. We will have more details on this activity in next week’s update.

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