Construction update: September 4, 2019

Monday, September 9, 2019 - 11:02am

Below is an update on construction progress at Addison that took place during the month of August.
Building 1: Windows and window frames are nearly all installed on the first floor. The kitchen area tile has been set and  finished. Primer & paint have been applied on the first and second floor. Electrical wiring is being pulled throughout building on both floors. Drywall installation is complete and finish work is in progress. Ceiling grid work will begin in September. Redwood soffits and gutters are almost complete the exterior. Plaster is complete and stone tile installation is nearly complete. Seismic joint cover between Bldg. 1 and Bldg. 2 is in progress.
Building 2: The Glu Lams were set two weeks ago, and roof joists are now being installed. Roof truss blocking for roof plywood sheathing to begin in September. The stage stem walls and ADA ramp have been poured and wall framing has begun.
Sitework; The AKC playground surface is complete. Work on block walls and surrounding landscaping will take place over the next few weeks to finish off the playground.

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