Construction Update: October 16, 2018

Thursday, October 18, 2018 - 9:40pm

Below is the latest update on construction progress at Addison the next few weeks:
1. The Contractor is installing anchor bolt templates, and is scheduled to pour the foundations on Thursday, October 18th.  A pump truck will be staged before school in the old parking lot to avoid the morning drop-off time, and then the pour will begin around 9:30 am. There will be approximately 24 trucks total, about 4 or 5 per hour. They will be on site, entering and exiting the old parking lot driveway locations on Webster. There will be about four spaces adjacent to the driveways on Webster blocked off, to allow the trucks to turn onto the site and minimize the backing alarm noise. If all goes well, the last truck will come prior to pick-up time in the afternoon.  The pump truck and clean up activities on site will continue after pick- up.
We will have AKC use the Lincoln Ave. access on Thursday, October 18, and ask that teachers avoid parking along Webster on that day as well.
2. We are close to receiving approval of our off-site permit with the City of Palo Alto, and hope to begin work next week on making sewer, fire water and gas connections to the site along Webster Street.  The sewer and fire water connections are tentatively scheduled to begin the week of October 22nd, and should continue for up to two weeks. The City is preparing a traffic control plan that proposes to continue two way traffic during the connection work, but will eliminate parking for about 100’ along Webster during this work. Once the final date is scheduled, the City requires that signs be posted 72 hours in advance of the work, as well as additional warning signage during the construction.
The gas line and meter installation will be performed by the City. When they provide us with more information on their plan, we will share it. We anticipate that their work will also be scheduled during the October 22 to November 2 timeframe.
3. Work on site after the concrete pour will include under slab plumbing and electrical work, which will take about two weeks. Slab edge and wall curbs formwork will also continue for the next three weeks.
4. The AKC portables are nearly complete, and a punch list has been developed for corrections. Recommendations on screening the portables and painting will be discussed at the October 17th Site Council meeting. The buildings cannot be signed off and occupied until the sewer line connections have been made.  Power has be run to the buildings. Movers are being scheduled for late October so that a Certification walkthrough can be scheduled in early November.

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