Construction update: October 15, 2019

Tuesday, October 15, 2019 - 2:04pm

An update on construction progress that took place at Addison during the month of September/ early October.

The bathroom epoxy floors are complete. Kitchen equipment and plumbing are being installed. Permanent electrical power was finalized last weekend. HVAC is almost done and ready for testing. Electrical lighting controls and power are almost complete. Fire sprinklers are being trimmed out. Second floor windows will begin next week. Cabinets are going into Teachers’ lounge and teachers’ workspace. The MP wall and roof plywood sheathing and waterproofing work has been completed and installation of roof tiles has commenced. The interior stage walls are up and electrical and data conduits  are being roughed into the stage walls. The fill and compaction for the parking lot and eastern side play areas is in progress. Furniture selection is complete, and staff has begun the procurement process for the Office and Library

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