Construction Update: November 5, 2018

Wednesday, November 7, 2018 - 10:39pm

Below is the latest update on construction progress at Addison:

Building 1:

Under-slab plumbing is complete and will be tested today. Electrical under-slab piping installation is in progress and will continue through  the 14th. Sausal will complete wall curb and edge forming for the slab on grade by tomorrow. Sausal will begin placing rock base tomorrow, and reinforcing steel for the slab on grade will begin afterward. This work for placing the rock tomorrow will include several truck deliveries and setting up a conveyor belt to distribute the rock throughout the pad area. The slab on grade pour will occur either November 15th or 19th. The slab on grade pour will be very similar to the foundation pour with some periodic truck traffic entering and leaving the site, but should only be about half the number of trucks as last time.

The District has worked out an agreement with the City to do all three utility tie-ins within Webster Ave. No parking signs have gone up on Webster for 11/6 through 11/23. The City will provide us a detailed schedule for this work shortly, but should occur during the next two weeks. Additionally, Sausal has directed their plumbing firm to perform the on-site gas work, so this will begin on Thursday. We expect that gas service will resume to the campus sometime next week.

The AKC portables are nearly complete, with ramp paving, railings and fire alarm work remaining. The buildings will be certified and occupied once the sewer connection is complete, hopefully in two weeks, so that movers and  a Certification walkthrough can been scheduled in late November. A meeting took place with neighbors last week with the District’s arborist to look at potential solutions to screening of the portables along Lincoln. The next meeting to discuss some options will be held after Thanksgiving.


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