Construction update: May 9, 2018

Wednesday, May 9, 2018 - 11:04pm

We have great news about the Addison Modernization Project. Last night the PAUSD Board of Education approved the project funding so a Notice of Award will go out to the Contractor once funding from the donor is received later this month.

Before I say more about the project, I want to thank all members of the Addison School community – parents, teachers and other staff – who have contributed countless hours to the planning of this project over the past few years.  And, of course, we are extremely grateful for the generous gift from the anonymous donor that made this possible.

We will be moving on a very fast track.  The Contractor must return the required paperwork to the District within two weeks, and in June, Tom Hodges, the District’s Program Director and his staff will begin meetings with the Contractor.  Weekly meetings with the Contractor will be on-going during construction, and I will attend to help ensure that everything runs smoothly.

Our last day of school is Friday, June 1, and we anticipate construction starting the following Monday, June 4.  This allows us to demolish the MP Room that will no longer be used, and to haul away the debris in the summer while students are not on campus.

We recognize that this construction project will require us to make many changes to our daily routines next year and we will keep you posted on these through messages and postings on our website.  Rest assured that maintaining the safety of our students and staff and continuing our excellent instructional programs will remain a top priority during construction.

As a first step, I am inviting all of you to attend my next Principal’s Coffee on Friday, May 18, at 8:15 am in the Multipurpose Room.  Tom Hodges will present information about the construction schedule and related matters and I will discuss changes in school routines for next year.  We are planning to record this meeting and post it on our website for those whose schedules do not allow them to attend in person.

Once again, we appreciate your help during the planning phase and look forward to your continued support as we move through construction to the creation of the new Addison School we envisioned.



Amanda Boyce

Addison News