Construction Update: June 26, 2018

Wednesday, June 27, 2018 - 6:15am

Below is a quick update on the construction progress at Addison:

  1. The MP building has been demolished and all debris and foundations were broken up and removed last week.  The tile mosaic along the north wall was removed in sections, and is being stored in the container by the AKC play structure.  Some tiles were broken during removal, but should be able to be glued back together before reinstallation.
  2. The survey crew was on site yesterday to stake grades and utility runs.
  3. Demolition of AC paving by the AKC pad work started today, and will continue preparing the pads for the Kids’ Club portables along Lincoln for the remainder of this week.
  4. Utility installations for the new building and the Kids’ Club will begin next week. Utility work within the street will be done by the City, which will likely be scheduled for later this summer.

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