Construction Update: June 13, 2018

Monday, June 18, 2018 - 6:40am

The construction project is moving ahead as planned. Key details are provided below.

1. Work on removing the tile mural on the MP building has resumed this morning using a wet concrete saw, and should be done by the end of today. The tiles will be safely stored in the storage bin by the AKC playground. Pictures have also been taken of the mural, so that any damaged or broken tiles can be redone in the future.

2. The fence toward the playground will be relocated to the phase 2 limit this afternoon. This will help provide a safer distance between the camps and the demolition activities.

3. Demolition of the MP building will begin tomorrow. The contractor will use an excavator to bring down the building in pieces, starting from the south end and working northward. The building should take about two days to come down, with the rest of the next week being spent separating and hauling off debris. The workers will be watering down the debris as they go to reduce any dust transmission beyond the fence line.

4. Demolition of the AC paving around the AKC area will also take place the next week, starting June 21 and continuing through the following week.

5. Once these two activities are completed, the contractor will begin working on grading, installation of utilities and pad preparation before starting on foundations in July.

6. Work to relocate the gas service and meter will begin next week. Gas has been shut off to the site so demolition can move forward. This should not impact any services to the classrooms or office areas being used this summer, since there is no heat required for these spaces.

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