Construction Update: January 8, 2019

Tuesday, January 8, 2019 - 10:02am

This week’s update on construction progress at Addison.


Building 1:  Good news! Structural steel arrived today, a week early. The contractor is off-loading the steel today, and may even begin erecting some steel by this afternoon. Most of the steel will be erected over the next week, with plumb and welding activities to continue for two more weeks thereafter.  Sausal will begin sill plate work on the rest of the slab area next week.


Building 2: The AKC portables are now licensed and AKC moved into the new buildings on December 20th. Demolition of the old AKC portables and removal of the debris was done last week The Contractor will begin grading the pad for Building 2 starting the week of January 14th, due to inclement weather planned this week. This work may entail some vibratory compaction, which can be a bit loud. This will be very similar in duration to the work on Building 1 last summer.


AKC: The AKC portables have been painted, with trim work being completed today. The landscaping work along Lincoln will begin this week, with irrigation started today, and continuing for a few days. Plant materials will be delivered later this week, with planting to begin next week, as weather allows. Trees will be the last item to be installed next week, after locations are laid out by the arborist this Friday.

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