Construction Update: January 2020

Thursday, January 16, 2020 - 12:11pm

Staff and volunteers unpacked most of the boxes from the library and administation offices in the new building on January 6th to be ready for school to start on January 7th. The fence configurations around the two-story building and old office/ library have changed as we prepare to build four classrooms.

School entrances are still available through the gates/ opening on Addison Ave., Lincoln Ave., and Middlefield Rd. The two-story building will not be accessible on Webster St. for a few more months. There will be two entrance gates to the new building; one near room 3 and one on the blacktop adjacent to the basketball court by the old office; these are the only access points to the new building. Signs are posted regarding where to enter the new administrative building on the 1st floor as there are multiple doors.  Porta-potties have been brought in to provide additional bathrooms for 3-5th grade students. The MP Room is anticipated to open in April.

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