Construction Update: January 14, 2019

Monday, January 14, 2019 - 10:04am

This week’s update on construction progress at Addison.


Building 1:  Structural steel erection will continue through the next two weeks, weather permitting. The contractor shut down welding due to rain, but hope to resume by Thursday. Sausal Construction will begin sill plate work on the slab area next week, with wall framing to follow thereafter the week of January 29th.


Building 2: The forecasted rain this week has delayed the start of grading the pad for Building 2. Sausal hopes to begin that activity on Tuesday, January 22nd based on the current forecast.  A reminder that when this work begin, there will be some trucks off-hauling soils and some import of fines for the building pad.  There will also be some limited compaction work, which can also be noisy due to the vibratory compactor they need to use. Footing excavation is scheduled to follow the week of January 29th.


AKC: The AKC portables have been painted and the majority of landscape work completed prior to the rain this week.


Utility Work: The City of PA has laid out the fire water connection and sawcut the AC on Webster. They plan to perform this work when weather permits.  It will be a one day activity, and they will put traffic protection measures in place similar to what was done for the sewer and gas line work.

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