Construction Update: December 27, 2018

Thursday, December 27, 2018 - 9:46pm

This week’s update on construction progress at Addison.


Building 1:  Structural steel fabrication is in progress, with steel delivery and erection scheduled to begin the week of January 14th.


Building 2: The AKC portables are now licensed, and AKC has been moved into the new buildings this past Friday. Demolition will begin on Wednesday, January 2nd on the old AKC portables, and will continue through Friday with the removal of debris. This should be much quieter and quicker demolition activity than removing the old MP building. Once removed, the Contractor will begin grading the pad for Building 2 starting the week of January 7th. This work may entail some vibratory compaction, which can be a bit loud. This will be very similar in duration to the work on Building 1 last summer.


Staff is working on negotiating new agreements with the landscaping and painting contractors for the new AKC buildings, and we hope to begin work in the next few weeks.

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