Construction Update: August 13, 2018

Thursday, August 16, 2018 - 2:30pm

Below is a quick update on the construction progress at Addison for this week:

1. The Contractor has completed digging out foundations for Building 1, and has compacted the bottom of the footings for approval by the soils inspector. They plan to begin tomorrow setting up batter boards and edge forms for the foundations, and rebar installation will begin next week. They are working toward a concrete pour of foundations during the first week of September. As this milestone gets closer, we will send out more information on the plan for this one day activity.

2. The AKC pads are complete and utilities have been run to the area, with electrical runs completed last week.

3. The portable manufacturer is making improvements to the Day Care portables in their shop. Portables are scheduled to be delivered with improvements done on September 5, which is two weeks later than our last update. The manufacturer indicated that this is a very busy part of their season, and they had problems meeting the demand this summer. After installation, move in will commence and staff will schedule the certification walkthrough, likely in late September or early October

4. Around campus, other activities have been completed to prepare for the opening of school today. The trash enclosure has been moved to the Lincoln gates, fences have been moved to secure the AKC area and bike racks have been relocated.


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