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Student Programs

Some of the programs available to Addison students:

  • Noon ProgramsClick here for a description of programs available during the noontime break.
  • After School ProgramsClick here for a description of programs available after school hours.
  • Spectra Art: All grades. Art specialists come into the classroom to share art projects with the children, using different materials and ideas.
  • Bike Safety Program: 3rd grade. The The Third Grade Bike Safety Program is a bicycle education program offered each fall to PAUSD third graders. This is a fun 3-part program with an on-bike rodeo to teach key skills to keep kids safe on the road. The last lesson is an on-bike practice ("Bike Rodeo") with bicycle professionals, PA Fire Department, and PA Police Department.
  • Inquiry Fair: Available to all grades; required in 4th and 5th grades. Each student chooses a question they would like to explore and makes a poster with their question and their answers they found. The participating students set up their posters in the MP room, and other children have the opportunity to ask questions.
  • California Missions: 4th grade. Students learn about all of the California missions, and write about four of the missions. The segment culminates with a field trip to a California mission.
  • Passport to California: 4th grade. Students learn how their family came to California, then make a poster about the journey. Students then share it with the rest of the school and parents.
  • Coloma (gold country) trip for 2 nights: 4th grade. Students learn all about the gold country before the trip, by quizzing each other about gold country history. In Coloma, students live the Gold Rush through stories, songs, skits, to help learn the social and economic community of early Coloma. The Coloma trip is correlated with the California Content Standards.
  • Balcutha overnight on a ship for 1 night: 5th grade. Learn about history and explorers by dividing into crews and working aboard a sailing ship over night.
  • Students Offering Solutions (SOS): Available to 5th grade. 5th grade students may apply to become part of the SOS team, which take conflict resolution training and then resolve conflicts on the playground.
  • Rainy day monitors: Available to 5th grade. When it is rainy at recess or lunch time, 5th grade students help take care of and entertain the lower-grade students.
  • Student council: Available to 3rd, 4th, and 5th, and last trimester 2nd grade. The student council decides what the school will do for a community service projects and spirit days.