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Site Council

The Addison Site Council is responsible for reviewing and approving the School Plan and annual budgets, and other school-wide and policy issues. The Site Council is composed of an equal number of parents and school staff. Elections for parent members of the Site Council are held in the spring.

Site Council

  • Parents: Karna Nisewaner, Emily Meyer, Jacob Kivett, Christine Boehm
  • Staff: Amanda Boyce, Taline Cox, Lisa Suyemoto, Tamlin Santos


Meetings are usually held in the Addison Library after school from 3-5pm. Below are the dates of 2021-2022 meetings:

  • September 22 
  • October 20 
  • November 17 
  • January 19 
  • February 16 
  • March 16 
  • April 30 
  • May 18