Welcome to the Addison community!  Here are answers to some Frequently Asked Questions to help you find your way around: 

Section 1: Before School Starts

Section 2: Getting To and From School

Section 3: School Life

Section 4: Volunteering 

Section 5: Addison Community Life

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What's the best way to find out the latest news? All parents are asked to provide an email address so they can be placed on school-wide, grade-level, and classroom email lists.  Throughout the school year, you will be receiving email communications via these lists, so please add parents@addisonschool.org to your email address books to ensure these emails don't end up in your spam folder.

Also, here are a few more ways to stay in touch:

What resources are available to new families? To start with, read through this FAQ Section!  Next, sign up for the Addison eAdvisor and Addison Facebook page.  If you are a kindergarten family, don't miss the Kindergarten Potluck (held on Packet Pick-Up Day, a few days before the first day of school).  Plan to spend some time at the Back to School Coffee on the first day of school.  Various PTA committees and after school organizations will have tables where representatives can talk about their programs and services.  Addison 101 is an event designed specifically for new families; during this event, PTA representatives discuss the various programs and services available to kids and families at Addison.  Finally, mark your calendars for Back to School Night.  During this event, parents head to their child's classrooms, where their child's teacher will discuss curriculum and classroom policies.  Parents will also get the chance to learn about various school organizations such as PiEProject Cornerstone, and the PTA.

What school supplies do I need to buy for my child? The PTA pays for all school supplies, so you don't need to buy a thing!  Your child will get all pencils/crayons/paper/scissors/etc... in class.   



What is parking like at drop-off and pick-up? Parking around Addison is extremely limited, so we suggest walking or biking to school.  If you need to drive, consider arriving early, or parking a few blocks away and walking. Please note, Addison's parking lot on Webster Street is reserved for teachers and staff.  For more information about parking, visit Addison's Traffic and Safety page.

How do I sign my child up for school bus service? The Palo Alto Unified School District (PAUSD) provides limited school bus service for a fee.  For more information, visit PAUSD's Transportation page.

How early can I drop my child off at school? Addison provides limited playground supervision starting at 8:00AM.  Please do not drop your child off before 8:00AM.  

Can I leave my child at school after pickup? Addison requests that you pick your child up promptly at the appropriate times.  Pick-up times vary by grade, so please confirm your child's pick-up time on Addison's Daily Schedule page

What happens if I'm late picking my child up? Your child's teacher will take him or her to the Front Office, and you will be contacted by phone.

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How can I find out how my child is doing in class? Teachers send out regular class newsletters to let parents know what their class is doing.  Make sure you add your child's teacher's email to your email address book so emails do not end up in your spam folder!  Some teachers also maintain class websites.  If you have specific concerns about your child, contact your child's teacher.  To find out teacher email addresses, go to Addison's Staff Contacts page.  

How do I schedule a conference with my child's teacher? Teachers hold formal parent-teacher conferences once a year (around October) to discuss your child's progress.  However teachers are happy to chat with parents about their kids!  Check with your child's teacher for the best way to contact her and the best times to schedule an informal chat.

How does lunch work?  You can buy a hot lunch for your child. It costs $4.25 and includes an entree, milk, and fruit.  To pay, go to the school office or go online.  Fo more info, go to PAUSD's Meal Plans page.

What if my child needs to use the bathroom? Children walk with a buddy to the closest restroom.  Some classrooms located away from the main buiding have in-classroom restrooms.

What measures are in place to ensure my child's safety during school hours? Addison takes child safety very seriously. All gates are locked during school hours so entry is restricted to the Addison entrance and Addison parking lot.  Students are required to take a buddy when leaving their teacher for bathroom breaks.  Visitors (including parent volunteers) are required to sign in at the school office and wear a visitor's badge.  Teacher's and staff are instructed to question school visitors without badges. 

Can parents use the Addison library?  Yes, Addison parents are encouraged to check out books for their child, their child's siblings, or themselves!  Please note, the Addison library is not associated with the Palo Alto City library, so a Palo Alto City Library Card cannot be used at Addison. Parents can ask the school librarian for their own Addison library card.  

What happens if I return my Palo Alto Library book to the Addison Library by mistake, or if I return my Addison Library book to the Palo Alto Library?  The Palo Alto City Library will eventually return any Addison books mistakenly returned to them, and Addison will eventually return any Palo Alto City Library book mistakenly returned to Addison.

Can I take my child out of class for a doctor's visit? Parents who wish to take their children out of class for a doctor's visit (or any reason) must first visit the school office in order to sign their child out.  If they wish to return their child to class after the doctor's visit, they must once again visit the school office in order to sign their child in.

Are there any after school programs for my child? After school care is available for a fee at the Addison Kids Club (AKC), an on-site center run by Palo Alto Community Child Care. In addition, several independent organizations offer on-site after school programs, for a fee. For a list of after school programs including forms and registration links, visit Addison's After School Programs page.

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How much are parents asked to donate? Unlike many schools, Addison does not ask for specific donation amounts.  However, your child's teacher may ask parents to write a check to cover your child's museum admissions and transportation costs for field trips.  This will most likely be discussed during Back to School Night.

I work full time. Can I still volunteer?  Yes!  Many of our most dedicated volunteers work full time.  Many volunteer positions do not require you to be present during school hours, and many positions allow the volunteer to choose when to dedicate time.  Examples of PTA positions include: webmaster, Advisor editor, Financial Secretary, May Fete Parade coordinator, Tshirt coordinator, Books Inc. Nights coordinator, Special Ed Representative.  Some classrooms hold morning reading sessions, and many full time working parents choose to drop in before 9AM to read a book to their child's class.  Another great way for full time working parents to volunteer is to join the Auction committee or co-host an Auction party.  The possibilities are endless! 

How do I sign up to volunteer?  Your Back to School Packet will contain a volunteer form (or you can access the volunteer form here) to fill and return to the school office. There are also sign-up opportunities to volunteer for various PTA committees during the Back to School Coffee and during Back to School Night.  In addition, your child's teacher will post classroom volunteering opportunities during Back to School Night and at various times during the year.  Finally, if you are interested in a specific committe, don't hesitate to contact the committee chair or anyone on the PTA Executive Board!  Click here to see this year's PTA team.

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Can I bring my dog to Addison? Dogs are not allowed on campus during the school day, and we ask that parents refrain from taking dogs inside campus during drop-off and pick-up times.  Many parents choose to leash their dogs to the Addison fence while they pick up their child. Dogs are welcome on campus after school hours and on weekends.  We ask all Addison parents and the community in general to pick up after their dogs' litter while on campus.

What's the best way to meet other families and make new friends? Attend Addison community events and parties!  New families should definitely plan to attend the Hoedown and the Auction.  The Hoedown, held in late September, is the first big community event of the year, so it's a great way to start meeting your child's friends, and their parents.  The Auction (see our PTA's Auction page!), held during in late October, is Addison's biggest and best adults-only party.  At the auction, you'll be able to sign up for more Addison parties, which offer even more opportunities to meet other parents.  Another great way to meet people is to volunteer!  Whether you sign up for a PTA committee or volunteer in your child's class, you're sure to meet some great new friends.

What is the Auction? And why should I go?  The Auction is Addison's biggest adults-only party, and Addison's biggest fundraising event. Each year's auction brings a different theme, and each year our tireless auction team transforms Lucie Stern into a themed wonderland filled with amazing sets and decor.  Many parents choose to show up in themed attire.  At the auction, parents enjoy wine, hors d'oeuvres, and dessert, as well as live music, dancing, and a live auction.  Parents can bid on amazing items such as concert tickets, vacation rentals, summer camp sessions, private tours, photography sessions, jewelry, art, wine, gift cards, gift baskets and more.  Parents can also sign up for a variety of parties for adults, kids, and families.  The Auction is a wonderful way to party with old friends, meet new friends, and help raise money for the PTA!  Check out photos from past years' auctions at the Addison Auction page and Addison Auction Facebook Page. 

We have moved away from the PAUSD district, and no longer attend Addison Elementary.  How do we unsubscribe from your communications?  To unsubscribe from Addison's parent email lists, please send an email to postmaster@addisonschool.org.  To unsubscribe from Addison's eAdvisor newsletter, please click here.

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More Questions?  If you have a question that is not addressed on this page, send an email to buddy@addisonschool.org.  Someone from the PTA will reply to your question withing 48 hours. 

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