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Principal's Update- May 29, 2022

Dear Addison Families,

Perseverance, courage, and camaraderie are three words that come to mind as I reflect on the 2021-22 school year. Our staff and students worked tirelessly to adjust back to full time in-person learning instruction while still navigating the uncertainty of the pandemic. There is tremendous pride in all we have accomplished so next week is a time to celebrate!

When we return to school on Tuesday after the Memorial Day Holiday, all K-5 students will participate in Field Day! In the morning I’ll bring the school together to provide an overview of the activities and guidelines and then Field Day will run from 8:30am-12pm. Thanks to all the parent volunteers who will help support this exciting day; a separate message will be sent regarding the logistics.

On Wednesday, K-4th grade students are invited to watch our end of the year 5th Grade Students vs. Staff/Parents Kickball Game! The fun begins at 10:30am so encourage your students to make signs and cheer on their favorite teams!

On Thursday, the school will come together again for our 5th Grade Promotion Ceremony at 9am. This is a special time when we will celebrate our graduates and listen to their memories from elementary school.  All students will be acknowledged as we not only promote 5th graders but all other students as well in to their next grade level. Thanks in advance to our PTA for the decorations and hosting the 5th grade families at the reception in the Kindergarten yard following the ceremony. Thursday is our last day of school so all students will be dismissed at 1:15pm. Progress reports will be released online on Friday, June 3rd, at 3pm; directions for accessing progress reports will be sent next week.

The last work day for me, Nancy, and Joy, will be Friday, June 10th. Joy will return in August and work for a few weeks to support our front office transitions. Addison School will be hosting summer school from June 13th-July 8th from 8:30am-12:30pm. Please note the campus will be closed to visitors during this period. Our summer school Principal will be Joe Stendahl who can be contacted at  Jeff Downing will take the helm as Addison Principal on July 1st.

Besides Athena Foley, our new kindergarten teacher who was introduced in a previous newsletter, we have hired a new 3rd grade teacher and clerk! Addison (yes – Addison!) Lucia will teach 3rd grade next year. Originally from the Santa Cruz Mountains, he grew up in the redwoods with two educators as parents. He moved up to Seattle for his undergraduate work and has lived there for the past eight years. During college, he started working as a behavioral therapist and later as a teacher at an autism inclusion school. For the past three years, he has been teaching 4th and 5th grade at a school for students with dyslexia. During this time, he also got his MA in Teaching. Outside of work, he enjoys the great outdoors, photography, boating, and cooking! Addison is really looking forward to returning to California (and the sunshine!) and becoming a member of the Addison Elementary team.

Valerie Rainey has been hired as our new clerk!  Ms. Rainey has been a kindergarten classroom aide at Barron Park Elementary and a classroom aide in the Springboard to Kindergarten and Young Fives programs at Greendell, as well a substitute clerk. She has also served on the PTA Boards at Duveneck Elementary and Greene Middle School, where she currently has an 8th grade son and a 7th grade daughter. Ms. Rainey is very excited to join the Addison community and looks forward to meeting all of the students and their families, as well as all of the teachers and staff.

In addition to Lisa, Joy, Nancy, Patricia, and myself, we will be saying goodbye to part-time educational specialist, Reena Sharma, 1st grade teacher, Kelly Dowd, and 1st grade aide, Malisa Moore. Kelly is relocating to the Sacramento area and Malisa is pursuing growth opportunities in education. Reena will be transferring to other sites since our students requiring special education services have decreased. Kelly, Malisa, and Reena have been student-centered, focused, and committed professionals who have dedicated countless hours to educating the whole child. They are skilled at seeing and responding to many different types of students and we have been fortunate to witness their magic for many years!

Therefore, in terms of staffing, Jeff and I are still in the process of hiring a 1st grade teacher and secretary. As soon as those positions are filled, I will inform our families. I plan to send out one last message next week with end-of-year updates and parting words. As we enter our final week of school, I’m very grateful that we are in a position to welcome back end-of-year beloved traditions and join together as a community to celebrate an extraordinary year.

Amanda Boyce