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Heritage Night- May 20th- 5:30pm

Dear Addison Families,

In the years since we last held the Heritage Night in person, my sense of the event’s importance has only deepened. When we gather to acknowledge and celebrate the depth of cultural beauty represented in the Addison community, it binds us together in incredibly powerful ways. We are a better school because of our diverse backgrounds working and learning together. Heritage Night is a powerful representation—and celebration—of our community.
Reconnecting, sharing our pride of ancestry, practicing curiosity about people , deepening our understanding of and empathy for each other’s stories— are the kinds of activities that weave us together as a community.  We are a better school when we can learn from each other, and we are more successful when each student is able to bring their full self to campus each day.

May 20th's Heritage Night is particularly special in that it provides us with the ability to see the MP room full of tables of the different countries and cultures represented here at Addison. Additionally, we will have food representing these countries and music and live performances by our students and community members.
It’s a wonderful time for us to reconnect, explore, and learn about the world in an evening and most importantly about who we truly are as a school community.  Please join us this Friday, May 20th, from 5:30 p.m. onwards in the MP room. You won’t want to miss this great event!

Amanda Boyce