Addison was founded in 1925 on land originally intended for a high school. The original building was two stories with wings at either end. The two wings still exist: rooms 1, 2, 3, 8, and 9. These are the oldest existing elementary school classrooms in the district. The central structure, declared unsafe in an earthquake, was replaced by the courtyard rooms in 1968. School Statistics The arches of Addison welcome everyone, leading us to learning as we grow. These words from our school song describe our commitment to developing a strong learning community for all children.

  • Addison is primarily a neighborhood school with approximately 450 students in grades kindergarten through five, including students from East Palo Alto and elsewhere in the district.
  • Class size in grades 1-3 is maintained at 20 or just a little bit more.

Curriculum and Philosophy

We are a community of teachers, children, and parents working together to create a rich, stimulating learning environment for each child. We want children to feel a sense of belonging to the whole school community, as well as to the classroom. Our weekly assemblies allow us to recognize accomplishments and share information. During Heritage Week, children study cultures from around the world in K-5 cross-age groups. Each child has a buddy in another grade, and children also mix into cross-age groups at lunch and on the playground. Our teachers create child-centered classrooms where children work collaboratively as well as independently. Children share core experiences and have the opportunity to build on these foundations in directions that meet their specific needs and interests. Parents are also a visible presence in the classroom, guiding students in small-group activities, preparing materials, and providing one-on-one tutoring, and participating in PTA, Site Council and other decision-making bodies. District Curriculum information

Test Scores

Addison School STAR (Standardized Testing and Reporting) test scores are available at the California Department of Education site.

After School Programs

Addison actively serves our community. After-school child care is provided on-site to many of our families by the Palo Alto Community Child Care (PACCC) program. On-site after-school activities are offered by private institutions, including foreign language and art. Community and neighborhood associations also use the facilities. The playground is filled with organized sports and informal play, both after school and during the weekends.


Palo Alto Unified School District relies heavily on local income sources, primarily property taxes, building leases and interest income, to fund 80% of its programs. State and federal resources provide additional funds. Budgets are allotted to the schools for instructional programs and for general operating expenses.